Field Service
Changes to Existing Electrical Installations
Outages for Component replacement such as load break switches, 600 v air circuit breakers, medium voltage breakers can be minimized through the use of our mobile bus fabrication facility.
Our mobile bus fabrication facility is equipped to bend, punch and heat shrink all common sizes of copper and aluminum bus to meet the special needs encountered when changing major electrical components or installing transition cells from new to existing equipment. We can eliminate the outages required to make detailed drawings of existing components and the costs associated with a repeated service calls and associated down time by fabricating the required pieces on site.
There have been many advances in protection and control systems. Our field service crew can replace obsolete mechanical relays, switchgear which has been properly maintained according to the manufactures maintenance schedules may still have considerable life in the breakers, bus and structure. With an upgrade to modern relays, with their additional protective elements, the life of an existing substation may be safely extended for many years.
Our Field Service crew is on site installing lights, vents and other items which were removed for shipping.
Our Field Service truck and trailer.