DiamondGear Industrial Manufacturing
At DiamondGear Industrial Manufacturing, we specialize in the manufacture of highly engineered low and medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage mcc, medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive complete with on line and bypass switchgear, PLC cabinets and the integration of the components into environmentally controlled mobile electrical equipment buildings (e-houses).

As an OEM we also install medium voltage arc proof switchgear into our electrical equipment e-houses. We have provided these packaged solutions to the exacting and rigorous requirements of the leading Canadian and American pipeline companies, Alberta oilsands companies, electric and water utilities and other heavy commercial and industrial users in Canada and the United States.

Our Industry Hardened Electrical Equipment Buildings are constructed to exceed industry standards and we ensure that the following requirements are met before they can carry the DiamondGear Badge.

  1. Minimal flexing of the building when lifted to prevent damage to the installed electrical equipment
  2. Designs available to meet stringent seismic requirements such as zone 4 (Victoria, British Columbia)
  3. Most building manufactures design their skids based on maximizing the spacing between beams to meet the sag requirement when lifting. We design our skids so that each switchgear cell is correctly supported on beams in a level position. Clear access to the cable entry space is a design requirement. This ensures that doors always open and breakers rack in and out of their cell in an acceptable manner.
Quality of Workmanship
Every cell is made, assembled and wired by certified knowledgeable employees who have specialized skills and training in this type of work.
Flexibility of Using an Alberta Based Manufacturing Facility
DiamondGear has in-house engineering and drafting personnel. Design and routine changes are made by local personnel who can react to our customer’s requirements in an accelerated time schedule. We welcome a visit to our local facility where visitors can always inspect their project in its various stages of production.
OEM Packaging
With our OEM Purchasing we can package our equipment utilizing a wide variety of quality brands such as GE, Areva, Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Schneider and Eaton. We are able to provide an end product utilizing the best products from each of our OEM Suppliers.