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Re-locatable Ehouse Solutions
DiamondGear Industrial Manufacturing LTD. Completes your consultants design by integrating the specified electrical equipment in a re-locatable environmentally controlled building. These buildings are completed in our yard where detailed inspections, pre-commissioning test and functional tests maybe completed, so that a fully functional integrated solution may be sent to site and installed, with a minimum amount of field labour. We have relocated our shop adjacent to Alberta’s High route corridor.
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Every cell is made, assembled and wired by certified knowledgeable employees who have specialized skills and training in this type of work.
At DiamondGear Industrial Manufacturing, we specialize in the manufacture of highly engineered low and medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage mcc, medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive complete with on line and bypass switchgear, PLC cabinets and the integration of the components into environmentally controlled mobile electrical equipment buildings (e-houses).
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